“The Cherry Orchard”: A very special celebration (18.10.2022)
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09 Δεκέμβριος 2022

This time, while organizing the annual award ceremony for the Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL) certificates, the concept of the ceremony was combined with one of the most beautiful forms of Russian culture: Theatre; This great festive event took place in the creative atmosphere of A. Chekhov's play "The Cherry Orchard".

Inspired by the ideals of the characters in the work of the great Russian playwright, the specially invited Greek theatre director K.Zachariadis ventured to capture the Center’s “blooming” atmosphere and incorporate it into the event and to praise Chekhov's optimism and interest in human upbringing and evolution. During the event, the audience was able to watch theatrical performances by the actors of the Sofouli Theatre, which were based on “The Cherry Orchard”, but also a choreographic performance by E. Thanasouli and the presentation of "This is my home”, the new official soundtrack of the Russian Word Centre.

The creative approach of the evening was also highlighted by the arrival of numerous official guests, who took part in the event, including Dmitry V. Ptyushkin, Director of Language Testing Centre at St Petersburg University, who was present at the event in order to deliver a welcome speech and to hand out the participation certificates for the educational programs hosted during the previous year by our Representative Office, such as “History of Russia”, “Film Club” and “Current Trends in Translation Teaching and Learning». Professors and teaching staff from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the University of Macedonia, the University of Western Macedonia, as well as members of the Panhellenic Association of Russian Language and Literature Teachers (VAPRYAL) also actively participated. Their presence there was of such great symbolic importance as never before, both for the organizers and for all the students who warmly love and wholeheartedly support the close cooperation with SPbU.

The reason why we are particularly proud for this venture is that the creators and direct participants of the awarding ceremony were 75 volunteers of the Center Russian Word, students of different language levels, who warmly welcomed the invitation to become co-creators and protagonists in the most massive event in the history of the Center. Thanos and Maria, our wonderful presenters were full of bright colors and their artistic skills, combined with their high linguistic level, foreshadowed the complete success of the entire group of volunteers.

Finally, it is no secret that the emotional component of the learning process, as a means of creating motivation and a favorable environment, receives a great deal of attention within the walls of the Russian Word Centre. The magical world of theatre, literature and teaching is full of wonderful emotions. But who was behind the vivid experiences and exciting atmosphere of our event? To carry out such a complex task, to keep the beautiful garden alive and flourishing in difficult times, the many years of effort put in by our team of teachers, at the heart of which lies the creation of a climate of trust and respect. It was their sincere romantic feelings towards their beloved Chekhov's characters, which they experienced over many years while tending the "garden" called "Russian Word", which were well above material goods and personal gain, that led to the harvest of such a fragrant crop.

The Russian Word Center expresses its deep gratitude for the support of all media outlets and sponsors of the event: local TV channels, radio programs, journalists, radio stations, newspapers, magazines and portals, who announced and attended the festive event at the Aristotelion Theatre on October 18, 2022 in Thessaloniki. Your unprecedented and sincere support helped to attract and maintain the appropriate attention to the activities of the SPbU Representative Office in Greece in the context of this event.
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